Thursday, November 8, 2012

Relief for New Jersey: Shoes Needed

Alert to the Merrimack Valley Deanery and to other interested persons……  If you know someone who might help please forward.

During my time on the Gulf Coast I worked with many churches who sent teams of people to help rebuild homes and lives after Katrina.  One of those churches was a small parish in South River, New Jersey.  South River was hit hard by Sandy, but Holy Trinity was not damaged.  The parish has opened its doors to be a distribution center for clothing, food, and water for those who have no place to go.  I was not surprised.  I spoke with Mother Joanna Graham, the interim there,  who said that just yesterday a woman walked into the church with a child looking for shoes.  The child was wearing plastic bags on her feet.  I promised Mother Joanna that I would do everything I could to see that she has plenty of shoes to hand out. 
So now I am turning to you.  Trinity is willing to be the collection site for children’s shoes, coats, and warm clothing.  VERY gently used or new please!!!!  Mother Joanna said that she would be grateful to anything, but let’s not short-change our brothers and sisters by offering our discards.  I will provide the truck to carry the goods to New Jersey.  I will need a driver and helpers to go with me to load and unload.  Trinity parishioners will come pick up your donations if you need that service. 
There is more information coming from Michael Hamilton soon, but this is a opportunity to help now. I do not know about NY but NJ lost several churches and rectories.  Pray for our clergy colleagues as they deal with not only the losses of their parishioners, but also their own losses.  I know from working with the clergy in MS that knowing that others cared was sometimes the difference between despair and hope.  Lets be thinking about how we might provide a respite for their renewal as this tragedy drags on in the weeks and months and years to come. 

God bless, 
Jane Bearden+

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